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The Dashboard

The Dashboard is for your most important and most frequently used Links. Similar to your Computer Desktop, links are represented by Icons and can be placed according your needs.

In the Dashboard you can organize your Links in different "Tabs". For example you can create a Tab called "News" for your favorite news sites or one called "Projects" where you set up Links to all your current projects.

Your Dashbaord and the Links in your Dashboard are not visible by other users. 

Tip: If you set you dashboard as you Home- or Startpage of your browser you get a even faster access to your favorite Sites and Webservices.

How do I add Links to my Dashboard?

There are multiple options to add Links to your Dashbaord:

  • Within your Dashboard click the "Plus" icon on the right side of the Tab Navigation. This will create a new Bookmark, which will show up immediatly in your Dashboard.
  • While creating or editing a Bookmark you will find the option "Add to" There you can select to which Dashboard-Tab a Bookmark should be added.

All Links you add to you Dashboard will aslo be added automatically to your bookmark list.

Tip: Dashboard Links are also great to set up custom shortcuts for any site. For example you can set up a link to a other User or your favorite Collection.

How to edit Dashboard Links or Icons

Click left-mouse or ctrl + right-mouse to get the edit functions. You also can click the Edit-Icon on the right side of the the Dashboard Navigation to acivate the edit mode.